Collection: KENDRA

Artist: Kendra Mclean

IG: kendrayanira

Piece Title: "BARE FRUIT"

Piece Description: 

This piece is called "Bare Fruit" , a play on the saying "bear fruit", which means "to yield positive results". The formal meaning of bare is uncovered. The informal meaning of bare means plenty and in abundance. All of these meanings meant something to me while creating this monoprint. I thought about women, and how strong women are and how much we go through, especially black women. Black women are often reduced to their child bearing abilities and our strengths, and we are much more than that. There are immense disparities in the healthcare system when service is provided for black women. We are more than gynecologist dummies for the J. Marion Sims of the world, and yes, we do feel pain! We are mothers, we are aunties, we are friends, nieces, grandmothers, granddaughters, wives, and cousins. Even if we are unable to bear children of our own, we are still nurturers. The colors represented are to showcase the varying shades from the very first menstrual cycle called a menarche, until the last which is called menopause. 
We are bearers of fruits, love and much more. We are forever plentiful.

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